91. Ego and Embarrassment - Reading Aloud

Episode 91

Published on:

17th Feb 2022

91. Ego and Embarrassment

While Marisol was doing a Peloton workout, the instructor was acting goofy, she caught herself, and then decided you know what... "You will never be too much for someone who can't get enough of you." Living your true self can be liberating, it can connect you to your heritage, and it can even be a feminist act. But what happens when being your true self, becomes too much for your partner? Can you be "too much" "too forward" "too direct"? Do those things keep you from tuning into how the other person is feeling in the moment? Marisol and Adam discuss their personalities, ego's, feelings of embarrassment and how they have to recognize when their "true self" is overshadowing the needs of the other person in the relationship. How does our ego keep us from showing up for one another? How does embarrassment separate us from our partners in moments of shame? All is discussed in this very anecdotal episode of Reading Aloud.

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