92. To Raise a Boy - Reading Aloud

Episode 92

Published on:

24th Feb 2022

92. To Raise a Boy

For the season three finale, a Reading Aloud first! Adam actually "reads aloud" an excerpt from the book "To Raise A Boy" by Emma Brown. The couple deep dives into what it means to raise a boy in todays society. Brown describes the "boy" box as having thick walls, a firmly engrained idea of what it means to be a male and highlights that in today's world girls have thinner walls and many examples of different ways to be a girl or woman. Adam and Marisol discuss their personal experiences with parenting a boy in todays world and how their own internalized patriarchy has shown up in moments. Is it time to let the walls down in the boy box or is it time to continue to push forward on the path to female equality? Can they both be done at the same time? Should they?

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