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Episode 176

Published on:

19th Oct 2023

176. Egg Retrieval and Genetic Testing Results

Marisol and Adam share the results of their recent Egg Retrieval as they do their second round of IVF. After a miscarriage earlier this year, using a surrogate, the couple decided to do another round of IVF and had their Egg retrieval a few weeks back. The couple shares today the results of that process, how many eggs (and then embryos) were collected, the genetic test results and their plans moving forward in this conception journey.

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Welcome to the Reading Aloud Podcast, a place where the creative, emotional and hilarious aspects of relationship communication are explored in real-time, by a real Married couple. Marisol and Adam are a married couple living in Asheville, North Carolina. Outside of the Podcast, Marisol is an entrepreneur, who owns SolReflection, a therapeutic image consulting firm (she's a style therapist) and Adam works for Dogwood Alliance, a environmental non-profit organization. After dating, marriage, and lots of travel, the couple went on a long fertility journey. That journey lead them to IVF, a tremulous pregnancy, post partum depression and an amazing life altering miracle kid, Neo (all while recording the ups & downs). These days Marisol and Adam are raising a toddler, navigating the surrogate process to add to their family, and starting the egg retrieval/IVF process again after a miscarriage. Tune in as the couple provides you insight into how they communicate, navigate and thrive through married life, parenting, being an adult, and living in the world today.