190. We've come to a decision - Reading Aloud

Episode 190

Published on:

25th Jan 2024

190. We've come to a decision

Doing a hike for the first time, everything is new. You feel the incline, you notice the trail markers, you are more aware of the sunlight, the distance, the ground under your feet, the unknown of it all. Do that same hike two weeks later, and it feels shorter, you stop noticing the what the trail head looks like, or where the first incline comes in, it feels shorter, more familiar, more predictable.

When you do something again and again, does it become muscle memory, is there still room for uncertainty? fear in the unknown? It might be the same hike, or another embryo transfer, or having a second kid but what gets forgotten in the repetition? what fears are quelled? what new things come up?

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