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Episode 101

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21st Apr 2022

101. Pandemic Partnership: Robin & Brian

In this 10 part series we will have conversations with couples and individuals who continue to navigate the Pandemic either in partnership or without partnership and to dive deeper into how relationships are handling this ongoing pandemic as we enter the second full year.

All relationships end. In this metaphysical conversation Marisol and Adam speak with Robin and Brian about spending time apart, critical polyamory, silence, and about how everything in life is just a frame.

Robin and Brian have been together since 2008 and share a commitment to supporting each other’s spiritual path and overall life enjoyment until death or some other life situation brings their relationship to a close.  Although they would say that their communication isn't so great, they’ve survived many strange rock climbing, backpacking and daily life incidents by relying on laughter and their deep care and kindness for each other. 

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